Raury Gets Reflective On “Butterfly”

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What’s the fixation with “haters,” especially in Hip-Hop? Is it just because other rhymers are speaking on them? Is a constant harping on negativity an internal motivational ploy? Whatever the case, seemingly 9/10 of these references to imaginary contempt are eye-rolling, skippable moments. Raury’s “Butterfly” is the outlier.

The Stone Mountain artist manages to sidestep the lot with a forthcoming, borderline stream-of-consciousness reflection on his come-up-specifically the moments that fueled him. Over the subdued production and sharp 808s, he waxes on the moments taught him what he needed to escape his 285. It’s about walking his school halls and being called a “wannabe.” Having performances no one attended. Being friendless and essentially pigeonholed into honing an eclectic skillset that’s earned him national acclaim.

Raury speaks on all of these moments and more on “Butterfly,” a bare, candid self-portrait. You can listen below.