David Ellis – “Baby She Roam”

Post Author: Kaya Haskins

A retro, smooth piece of folk songwriting

Ellis takes a traditional approach to writing his music, drawing on inspiration from all around him through nature or his day to day experiences. He recorded his full length album Mist Heights while living in Woodstock, as part of the Byrdcliffe colony. The result, is a sound that draws on a hippy-esque, folk-tinged vibe that’s rarely experienced in modern music. On the new single he states

I was living in a little house in Woodstock when I began writing what turned into ‘Misty Heights’. The forest was my garden and every morning I would wake with the wildlife and venture out with my guitar. I remember words and music just ran through me. I felt hyperconscious and a strong desire to express the great feeling of harmony with the life I was experiencing. I wrote most of the Album in that short period I lived there.