Remo Drive – “Two Bux” & “The Grind”

Bloomington, Minnesota emo/pop-punk rising stars Remo Drive are still riding high off the buzz of their stellar debut album, 2017’s Greatest Hits. Their power-pop and indie-rock-leaning emo stylings have thrilled young punk audiences, and they’ve emerged from the rough-and-tumble DIY scene with unabashed boldness and a tidal wave of hype. Now, the group has returned with a pair of hook-filled songs “Two Bux” and “The Grind” – the first taste of their upcoming sophomore album Natural, Everyday Degradation, out May 31 via Epitaph.

Album opener “Two Bux” launches with explosive guitar riffs and bombastic percussion, laying the emotional groundwork for singer Erik Paulsen’s crisp, yearning vocal performance. The track’s pummeling garage impulses and longing, melancholic vibes recall the early first-wave emo impulses of legends like Sunny Day Real Estate and Mineral, signaling Remo Drive’s status as the genre’s heir apparent. Meanwhile, “The Grind” is more uptempo and frenetic, with Paulsen’s voice wavering with vulnerability as the towering chorus kicks in: “We’re falling out of love,” he bemoans over whirring power chords and his brother Stephen’s thick basslines. Whereas most of the tracks on Greatest Hits were ebullient and full of wide-eyed enthusiasm, these new songs are sadder and more poignant – full of guilt, regret, and a longing for a Romantic past. Overall, it’s a sign of refinement and evolution in Remo Drive’s sound, and we couldn’t be more excited to hear Natural, Everyday Degradation. You can pre-order that album HERE, and listen to “Two Bux” and “The Grind” below.