Spunsugar – “I Shouldn’t Care”

Spunsugar are a brand new Swedish shoegaze trio who’ve been performing live and generating buzz in the Malmö DIY scene. Now, the group has unleashed their stunning debut single “I Shouldn’t Care,” a lush and bombastic slice of modern noise-rock that firmly cements them as a band to watch.

Whispery lo-fi noise gently swells before a series of thunderous guitar chords kick in, throttling up the intensity to stratospheric heights. The ominous and distant female vocals complement the track’s staticky melodies, which are equal parts catchy and dissonant. Also, piercing digital percussion rounds out a series of winding noise crescendos. It’s an absolutely huge and fearless debut track. Currently, Spunsugar are in the studio recording a four-song EP. When that eventually drops, we’ll be sure to bring you full coverage. In the meantime, listen to “I Shouldn’t Care” below via Soundcloud.