Spunsugar – “I Shouldn’t Care”

Star Horse, “Slower Now”

Fuzzy, blissed-out dream pop from Sweden.

Dolores Haze, “I Got My Gun”

Dystopian teen romance

Hey Elbow, “Martin”

Using nature as a video collage canvas for euphoric sounds.

Most Valuable Players, On The Flying Balcony cassette

From Sweden circa 2004, with love…

Stream Simian Ghost’s Youth

The reissue of a 2012 time capsule that was ahead of its time.

We Got Freaky with Yung Lean

Some notes (and somewhat erotic FanFiction) on Yung Lean’s first US performance.

Skeppet, “Den Nya Kusten”

Get into this Swedish vessel for an intergalactic ambient synthadelic jam fest.

Week in Pop: Brown Shoe, Colleagues, The Woodsman's Babe

With 1,2,3, Aaron Holm & Matthew Felton, Indestructible Grampas, & more.

Makthaverskan, “No Mercy”

Here is your post-punk anthem for losing your virginity at 17.

Week in Pop: Cloud Becomes Your Hand, Falling Off Maps, JPNSGRLS

with support from Alsarah & The Nubatones, Broncho, Fielded, & more.

Gäy, “Blue Blue Heart”

The umlaut makes a difference.

Fantastic, “Darkness”

Ghost through Berlin hotel hallways, and gothic greenhouses.

Stream: Horrible Houses, Family Tapes Vol. 3

Frontman Daniel Johnsson presents his self-anointed, 'schlock rock' from Särna, Sweden.

Premiere: Fantastic, “Limbs”

Loosen up your aching joints with surfboard indie water dances from Gothenburg, Sweden.


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