Tinsel Teeth + J.A.C.K. at Castle in Hell

Post Author: Nick Graham

tinsel teeth

This past Friday, I saw one of the craziest, loudest shows of my life. The Barrens and HTR opened the night at Castle in Hell in Brooklyn, but I was a fuckwad and showed up too late to see them. Right as I got there Tinsel Teeth, a band from Providence, RI, was setting up, and I decided to stand right in the front. As soon as the first note was struck, their lead singer, a smallish girl who seemed nice enough (not yet having revealed her mutilated zombie-in-lingerie costume), spit blood all over my fucking face. I felt like Dennis Nedry in Jurrasic Park when he gets mauled by that Dilophosaurus. The terror reigned as this girl crashed into every single person in the crowd, crawled around on the floor (one that was already covered in dirt, beer and fake blood), and removed her clothing, thus exposing a massive dildo hanging out her undies. She appeared to get knocked out for a second after falling over some dude. There wasn’t a person in the venue that didn’t love this set, and I implore all of you guys to go see them when they come back next month and play at Death By Audio. And just in case you don’t believe me, here is the whole show on Youtube.

After Tinsel Teeth was J.A.C.K. If you’re unacquainted, they’re one of those Brooklyn’s hometown heroes where several times during their set the crowd vigorously sings right along as the singer croons about rape vans and praying for one’s own death and the rest of the band’s playing shirtless. If you get a chance to see J.A.C.K., (and you will soon: July 3 at Union Pool), do it.

How about some pics!

tinsel teeth in brooklyn

providence band tinsel teeth