Reynosa, “Cariñito”

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I spent a long time previously waxing on the greatness of a little band from Portland called Reynosa, but a quick reminder here: the band is two joyful Chicanas and one joyful South American combining the rhythms of Latin America with the classic Northwest DIY aesthetic. This track is a better recording of a cover called “Cariñito”, a classic cumbia track originally recorded by Los Hijos del Sol and featured on the absolutely essential compilation The Roots of Chicha – Psychedelic Cumbias from Peru. Seriously, if you don't have that comp, you need to do whatever you need to do to purchase it. I will repeat myself about it until I go hoarse. Buy that frickin' record!

Reynosa takes the track and airs it out. Fabi, the guitarist, works the melody on a relaxed meter through a very full-sounding blues machine, and raises the pitch a bit. The bass line inches along and shaker is added, then drums, and the vocals come . That's it. This stripped-down approach allows each member to shine, and it also allows a little classic boogie to wave in through the cracks. “Cariñito” is a Spanish word with a lot of sub-text, but it kind of translates to “a special, personalized bit of affection”. Reynosa have given their cover a lot of its own namesake.

“Carñito” is the A-side of Reynosa's debut single on M'lady's Records, which ships September 21.