Rilev – “Gloss”

Post Author: Jeff Cubbison

Mexico City band renders beautiful shoegaze and dream pop on lush new single

Mexico City shoegaze band Rilev have impressed us greatly with their output so far, including 2019’s Rilev EP, 2020’s Split EP with peers Somewhere, and their 2020 album Fade. Now the trio returns with perhaps their most gorgeous single yet, the lush pop-inflected “Gloss.”

The track opens on a cavalcade of whirring lo-fi guitars and drums, pushing a swirl of longing emotions to the forefront. The instrumental mix renders the song with catchy melody – wafting, lulling guitar notes unfurl in hypnotizing ways, dousing the track with an effervescent dream pop kick. Lyrically, the track calls out to a past lover, parsing a sense of emotional rejuvenation: “Tu gloss no sabe mal, me reanima,” or roughly translated as “Your gloss does not taste bad, it revives me.”

“Gloss” is a perfectly gazy, reverb-soaked anthem full of melancholy for the hopeless romantic. For Rilev, the track could prove to be a real breakthrough moment. Give it a spin below:

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Photo by Jimmy Donnegan