RUMTUM, “New Lands / Sea Gypsies”

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RUMTUM + Catamaran

On September 4 RUMTUM will join fellow beat scientist Catamaran for a split 7″ on Gold Robot, the home of his other beatmaker in blood Monster Rally. The RUMTUM side is comprised of “New Lands / Sea Gypsies”, which as its title suggests is a composition with plenty of journey to experience. By the “Sea Gypsies” movement of the piece, you'll be nodding, or swinging those hips so hard to the salsa percussion that you'll forget the tracks' origins. It will leave you little choice, but to pick the needle up and return it to the cave water beginnings of “New Lands” that you forgot you came from.

“New Lands / Sea Gypsies” is RUMTUM meditating on the finer points of deep house. He's brought along his leaky faucet samples that ping and echo down the caverns of his production, but there's light at the end of the tunnel and a fiesta to enjoy.

Preorder the RUMTUM/Catamaran 7″ split here via Gold Robot. The 7″ drops September 4.