Salva, “Drop That B”

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Salva, Odd Furniture

Prior to landing in LA, Salva, born Paul Salva, lived in Chicago, Miami, Milwaukee and San Francisco. The question is, can you hear it?

Can you hear the sum of his journeys realized on “Drop That B”? The “Mercy” remix with RL Grime put him on the big radars and he's responded tenfold on “Drop That B” by amalgamating his origins in Chicago juke and “Coffee Pot” repetitions set to a hijacking of Miami bass, and the finer points of West Coast G-Funk. “Drop That B” is cut from familar cloths, a bit of “Boyz In Da Hood” hitting hydraulic switches, that make it sound like a challenge issued to Power 106FM to keep him on the airwaves. A swift interjection of the classic “rock this motherfucker like three the hard way”, will trigger turntablism flashbacks in the Nor Cal heads, while the majority of “Drop That B” rides on the So Cal three-wheel motion of G-Funk chopped up with DJ Funk precision.

Salva's Odd Furniture EP is out February 12 on Friends of Friends.