Schoolboy Q, Habits & Contradictions

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Schoolboy Q

Schoolboy Q's “Grooveline Pt.1” is a prime example as to why we selected him for our Best of 2012 list. There's no better way to set yourself up for a breakout year than to select a Lex Luger beat that completely dismantles the expectations of sound. “Groovelines Pt.1” is devoid of every factor synonymous with Luger's trademark production, a la “H.A.M.” and everything Brick Squad. Given Luger's track record, we're blown away that he would even own a crystaline and jazzy R&B record to sample.

Schoolboy Q's got plenty of habit music with songs like “Druggy's With Hoes Again”, “Oxy Music” and “Sex Drive”, but “Grooveline Pt.1” is the contradiction to his hedonism. He opens up a bit, allows his lady to call him Quincy and proves he's more than just a wild seed with a predliction for controlled substances.

Schoolboy Q's Habits & Contradictions is available on iTunes.