Screaming Females get Doodledragged

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Screaming Females DInosaur Drawings Doodledrag

Screaming Females' Marissa Paternoster e-mailed me with a proposition. She wanted to know if we would post about the new artist collective she started with her friend Lenny. The collective—one they affectionately call “Doodledrag“—consists of New Jersey-area artists “getting together once a month and working on a
project/eating snacks/drinking beer/drawing dumb pictures.”

She informed me that this month's assignment was for each person to create accompanying drawings for a song from the Screaming Females set to create videos that will be used during an upcoming show. They had 12 individual artists illustrate songs plus one song that was open for submission from the public.

I said I was happy to oblige, though being a typical male, I flirted the response asking, “but what's the proposition?” Being a typical female (meaning, always ready to one-up me), she quipped: “I propose that Impose change the title of their publication to, 'Marissa Paternoster Weekly' and print (only positive) editorial pieces
strictly concerning all topics pertinent to Marissa and Marissa-related
materials. I don't know, mull it over at the morning meeting. I'm
sure it'll go over well.”


If you'd like to attend, the show goes down March 30 (that's tomorrow) at NJ's famed Maxwells. You can get a sneak peek at one of the finished products here, and check out their self-made promo video for the show—including many of the illustrations—below.