Sd Laika, “Meshes”

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SD Laika

Cross-hatched, otherworldly beehive beats abound on Sd Laika's debut album That's Harikiri. Featuring tracks recorded between 2011 and 2012, the album sees the Milwaukee producer play off everything physical and primal about dance; the featured track from the album, “Meshes,” is a roughly stitched together ode to the humid, uncomfortable-yet-gratifying commune of the underground dance club.

Apparently, Amazon is offering previews of every track of the album, but then again, don't they do that with every album? But if you want to get a feel for Sd Laika's particular breed of darkness before the album drops, you can listen to some clips here.

TriAngle Records will release That's Harikiri on April 28. You can listen to “Meshes” below.