Seahaven, “Love to Burn”

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Music is universal, and music can be escapist, as Seahaven knows full well on their upcoming album, Reverie Lagoon: Music For Escapism Only for Run For Cover. Available at the end of March, the Torrance, California based group follows up Winter Forever, Ghost, and their recent Silhouette single with their own island holiday in the sun. So with an upcoming spring tour in the works (see the below flyer for dates), and a new full-length around the corner; we present the premiere of Seahaven's slice of heaven in the middle of the sea, “Love to Burn”.

Love burns like the midnight oil of tiki torches and other evening outdoor lamps, as the tom-toms, bass, and surrounding strings desend like nightfall. The moments where guitars take the center stage of the song's mix spins a cyclone of sound that echoes faint calls of voices cradled by the orchestral notes. The song relishes in the recognition of a bond that was strong and present all along, whisked away to a private island for star-crossed dreamers and lovers, alike. The chemistry attraction of differences is described in the chorus proposals of, “I'll be sour, you'll be sweet”, as the song's arrangement shines with the flickering light of a wax burning candle for two to share on a moonless night.

Kyle Soto from Seahaven talked with us how the song “Love to Burn” came to him in the shower, the spontaneous nature of song ideas, notes on Torrance, escapism and music, and more.

What is the Torrance, CA scene like? Local bands there of interest?

There's not too much going on music wise. There is some music coming from the area, but nothing too extensive. It'd definitely be nice to have more going on venue/scene wise but it is what it is. There's a lot of music from the South Bay generally but Torrance isn't exactly overflowing with artists just as far as I'm aware of.

Tell us about recording your album, Reverie Lagoon: Music For Escapism Only in Omaha at Mike Mogis ARC Studios with Ben Brodin.

It was a great experience. I would do it again for sure. It was a lot of hard work and being there made it as smooth and rewarding as possible. Our engineer Ben, clicked real well with us so I feel it was best case scenario.

I love how epic “Love to Burn” is, while remaining still very close to the heart. What were the sentimental inspirations behind this?

This song came to me in the shower, I believe. Very overwhelming as far as all instruments coming at once. It's definitely a cut that made me feel a special way then, and still does now. Hard to pinpoint an exact place, as all ideas come to me very spontaneously.

Where did the idea come from to create a full-length Lagoon of Reverie, and a kind of get-away with, Music for Escapism?

Sort of confused with the wording of this. The album however, like the other releases, just sort of shaped itself. When you're at a certain point in life, at least myself, the songs all tie themselves together to some extent and I take it from there to what it is. Once the whole thing showed itself to me, I rolled with it. I'm very happy with what it became.

Why do you feel escapism is such a critical component to the enduring beauty of music?

I feel like it (is) music for the most part, in it's purest connotation. Music is it's own universal language. Music is something that will leave a mark on you, good or bad, and take you somewhere without personal intent. As far as the album goes, the title is definitely multi-dimensional. Aside from my general perception of music, it does hold some intention of losing a listener in thought/subconscious. It also however ties in with lyrical content.

You just announced your first headlining tour. What are you all looking forward to the most about it?

It'll be great to get out there and play a longer set this time around. A lot of listeners bring that to our attention. So playing a set and doing whatever we want will be pretty enjoyable I feel.

Any collaborations in the works?

Not at this point in time. We're just doing our thing and hopefully everyone enjoys the new material!

Seahaven's album Reverie Lagoon: Music for Escapism Only will be available March 25 from Run For Cover Records.

Check Seahaven's following spring dates with Adventures and Foxing on the flyer.