September Girls, “Sister”

Dayna Evans

september girls

The weather may be changing to a sunnier, brighter, and warmer climate, but one listen to September Girls' “Sister” and you'll be squarely back in winter, along the dismally grey Irish coast. The five-piece are bringing their torrential sound to the US for the first time and it feels as haunted as anyone on the Sacred Bones roster and as painstakingly large as My Bloody Valentine. The track “Sister” shows a strong sisterhood in its group “oos” and trying sweetness, which when layered over the tumping bass and gauzy guitar, makes it as harsh and threatening as a verified coven. Perhaps this is what Savages hoped they'd be.

You can stream “Sister” below and then pick up Cursing the Sea through Fortuna Pop! Records. The group is now Stateside at the dates listed.

March 13 – Austin, TX – Austin Psych Fest Presents: Levitation Austin – Hotel Vegas, 1500 E. 6th St – 9:30pm
March 14 – Austin, TX – Music for Listeners Party – El Sapo, 1900 Manor Rd – 2pm
March 14 – Austin, TX – Full Irish Breakfast – BD Rileys, 204 E. 6th St – 4pm
March 15 – Austin, TX – Waterloo Cycles Party – 2815 Fruth St – 4pm
March 16 – Austin, TX – Panache Booking Hangover – Beerland, 711 Red River St – 2pm

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