Shannon and the Clams, “It’s Too Late”

Abbie Hornburg

photos by Nicole Whelan

Shannon and the Clams have already made a name for themselves for their unique soulful garage rockabilly and tremulous vocals. Their latest track release “It’s Too Late” is a swinging, doo-wop ballad that marries clever guitar riffs with endlessly hummable verses. Shannon Shaw’s voice is as thick as the maple syrup that smothers your pancakes on a Sunday morning. She shrieks with a graceful passion of heavy heartbeats that recall the brawling vocals of Etta James or The Ronettes.

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“It’s Too Late” is an ode to passing lovers of estranged and sinking relationships. Shaw’s voice alternates from a sugary 60’s girl group into a deep bluesy growl. She tugs and pulls at the heartstrings over past, fleeting relationships as she croons, “Darling it’s too late / to make it right / I had my chance / but I didn’t try.”

Shaw’s song writing paints the damages of a broken heart resonating with grief, apathy and nostalgia. “Its Too Late” is a jangly pop-ballad that swings in your eardrums and casts a infectious pop spell that will leave any room swooning. “It’s Too Late” will be on Shannon and the Clams forthcoming full-length Gone By the Dawn via Hardly Art Records.

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