Sharpless, “You've Got a Lot of Feelings”

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Sharpless The One I wanted to be

Sharpless is a Chicago x Brooklyn band fronted by Jack Greenleaf and featuring Montana Levy, Ian Cory, Dan Ott, and Jack Ferencz. Like their pals Bellows, Small Wonder, and Told Slant, Sharpless are part of The Epoch, a growing collective of musicians and artists, and the feeling of community pervades the band's second LP, The One I Wanted To Be. With an obvious passion for their craft, their newest single, “You've Got a Lot of Feelings”, is a violent pop track that demands attention. The song begins with Greenleaf's frantic cries before Levy's distorted voice explains, “The reason that you're shaking / Isn't all the drugs you're taking / Just your body slowly breaking / Into song.” The energy builds from the opening chants to its final symphonic bursts, exclaiming, “The kind of love that only comes from being home with mom and dad / The kind of warmth that only comes from all the friends you ever had.” Exactly the brand of comfort that Sharpless represents.

Sharpless has created a beautiful website in anticipation of The One I Wanted To Be, which will be released on their bandcamp May 12. Stream “You've Got a Lot of Feelings” below.