Shawn Jackson, Hollywood Shuffle Side A

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To generate hype for Shawn Jackson's sophomore solo, Tres Records dropped Hollywood Shuffle Side A mixtape as a free download.

I got a wake up mix to throw on when I'm out of coffee filters. It's full of good vibes and motivational words like that Baz Luhrmann “Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)” song that borrows the Mary Schmich graduation speech – do your homework. While knowing that beauty magazines will only make me feel ugly keeps my spirits high, when Shawn Jackson's “Feelin' Jack” comes on, I step into swagger mode as he spits, “wake up in the morning, turn on my cell phone / frontin' in the mirror / straight turning myself on.” To me, those bars are up there with Slick Rick's mirror-mirror rhymes as prime confidence builders to start the day.

Shawn Jackson's debut First Of All… is worth revisiting. If shelling out $12 feels like a gamble, check the Hollywood Shuffle Side A to get the gist of Jackson's style. Mixed by DJ Low Key the mixtape seamlessly drifts between fresh takes on old cuts and unreleased exclusives. The mixtape features production from some of L.A.'s finest producers including Exile, Dibia$e and DJ House Shoes.

Download the mixtape here.

Shawn Jackson's Brand New Old Me is out July 27 on Tres Records.

Shawn Jackson, “Luh Me”

Shawn Jackson, “Fix Ya Face Too”