Shere Disraeli, “Hayden”

Michael Brummett

Offering a closing reminiscent of Weezer.

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Shere Disraeli was born in a music commune, and has always lived up to those musical expectations. Dabbling as a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, permaculture designer, beekeeper, and urban farmer, it is no wonder that music and art seem to come easily for him.

Growing up in West LA, Shere Disraeli had both a father and an uncle in a band, along with the influential mentorship of Lili Haydn and James Gadson. Shere’s name even means something — Hebrew for “song.”


“Hayden” is both love song and personal reflection. Disraeli here has a truly cohesive mix that takes universality to a new level, before leading into some truly Weezer-like vocals and closing rifts that jolt one’s soul.

Layering throughout, the pacing is fantastic, with a burst of emotion found in the pause near the end, marking what seems like a mid-song transition in genre. It all works rather well together, and while traversing the cliché, takes a memorable jab at it.


You can support Shere by giving him a like on Facebook and a follow on Soundcloud.

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