Shortcircles, “Tunnels”

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Shortcircles' Between Waves record is over a month old, a span of time we theorize is ideal in returning to a body of work. Many artists and writers employ the technique; once finished, vacation for a month pushing it far from your concerns, and return to see it anew. Do we hear Between Waves anew? Not quite, but we are still as much enamored with the record, particularly “Tunnels”, since our first listen.

Of the streaming platforms, Soundcloud is the only one that bothers with wavelengths so that as you're listening the crescendos and the airy bridges are visually present. Shortcircle's “Tunnels” is a rare stream in which it's beneficial to remain in the tab and watch the development of the song along with the waves. The pristine synth origins are the invitation, and with each passing second Matt Tammariello of Shortcircles is earning our trust to expand his electronica into a magnificent universe of pings, flourishes, and soft synth tones. He takes to “Tunnels” with the same delicacy of layers that Bonobo is so gifted at presenting, and that's a comparison we'll never toss around lightly.

Short Circles' Between Waves is out now on Plug Research.

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