Totem, “See-Saw Girl”

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Don't be alarmed by the pop-punk revival—instead, let its gracefully compressed and direct, generous melodies and self-aware anti-style wash right over you. Totem, a London trio with a new single called “See-Saw Girl”, aim to make the most of two well worn worlds by making music that is veritably alt-punk, a little abstract, but perfectly listenable through your daily commute as it reminds of music since revitalized. The highlight of Totem's debut single is their awareness for how to build and break a song like only Television could know how, and the compression on their tight, terse drums keeps everything as balanced as humanly possible. Some of the vocals feel like they've fallen off the back of a Deerhoof truck, and there could never be enough noodling on this song. More noodling, always.

Stream the phenomenal debut track below, then wait until September 24 to pick up the single with the b-side “House Guest” on Moshi Moshi Records here.