Shorts, “Berlin 1971”

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Melbourne transplant Mikael Caterer from Scott & Charlene's Wedding—when he isn't teaching kindergarten at a Waldorf School in Bed-Stuy—heads up Shorts, a new band for which he writes most of the songs, joined by bassist Jonah Maurer from Free Time, and Dylan Shumaker, the drummer for Woodsman and Alex Bleeker and the Freaks. They're set to a release a 4-track EP called Berlin 1971 of hazy tropicalia-ladden beauty, in March. Their first single release shares the EP's title and was recorded with Jarvis Taveniere from Woods at his new Rear House space, Shea Stadium's neighbor. It isn't quite spring yet, but here is something to bring you just that much closer to its floral doors.

The seven-inch comes out March 18 via Greenpoint label Aloe Music. Stream their first single release below.