Sixth & College, “Acid Wash (We Don’t Care)”

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Acid Wash

Playing with their sound since their days in college together, Sixth & College–comprised of singer/songwriter Jeremy Porcha and producer Will Proulx–is a force to be reckoned with. Inspiration for the name came from their respective households, as Will lives on 6th St. in Los Angeles, while Jeremy is on College St. in Savannah. The guys have hit it out of the park with their latest single, and we’ve got the premiere to prove it.

“Acid Wash (We Don’t Care)” is an outstandingly interesting track. And no, I’m not just calling it “outstanding” because that’s a superlative my dad uses frequently. (Although that is a true statement.) How many songs do you know that start with what sounds like an animal call, and then utilizes those vocals over the duration of the track? Not to mention the fact that the song was aptly named “Acid Wash”, as I can imagine this track playing the background of a slow motion party scene, the majority of who’s attendees are rockin’ acid wash jeans, faded tees, and tanks.

In its simplest explanation, “Acid Wash (We Don’t Care)” is a summertime party anthem. With lyrics like “My words so slurred, my views so blurred, but I still feel that beat drop… But I don’t care cuz this is my party,” there’s no mistaking the intent of the piece. It’s a proverbial coming-of-age, flipping-the-bird type of song, and we’re smitten. Just like any champagne-poppin’ celebratory track, you need a line that really hits home with the party crowd. Sixth & College went for, “Pump it up, back it up like a Tonka/This my party, I’ma bang if I want to,” which–no matter how you interpret the word “bang”–resonates with any crowd that grew up playing with Tonka trucks in the sandbox. (See: Every generation since 1955.)

Sixth & College plays with some pretty attractive sounds in this track. There just might be something in it for everyone.

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