Flamingosis Announces New Album; Releases “Ohhh Baby”

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One of the most underrated sampling techniques in Hip-Hop is piecing together minute vocal chops to sound like one continuous clip. Just Blaze noted “Song Cry” took a whopping 96 chops to sound like the fluid masterpiece it is. J Dilla masterfully chopped, diced and re-worked samples all over Donuts.

New Jersey electronic producer Flamingosis—who credits Dilla as an influence-put the tactic to good use on “Ohhh Baby,” an upbeat instrumental with soulful wails at its centerpiece.

“Ohhh Baby” is a brilliant Hip-Hop/Electro fusion composed of a genial guitar melody and slapping 808s. Flamingosis kept the bellowing “Oh Baby” sample from monotony with clever mixing and filtering techniques, including a curious cascading effect in which the sample sounds like fingers plucking down a keyboard.

Along with releasing “Ohhh Baby,” his second single in two weeks, the prolific producer announced his next album is due next month in the description of the track.

You can stream “Ohhh Baby” below.