Sleeping Lessons Premiere Red Sprites

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On October 14th, Seattle’s indie/alternative/dream pop collective Sleeping Lessons – comprised of Charlie Deane, Dan Moretti, Paul Kowalczyk, and Terence Bonsey – will release their debut full-length. Red Sprites might not come out for another week, but we’ve got the exclusive LP stream right here. Starting right now.

The album starts out with a rather intricate and fun introduction, comprised of interesting layers of sound and a voiceover. The first song, “Chasing Ghosts”, hits completely different than the intro, the instrumentals reminiscent of Foo Fighters‘ “Everlong”. “Lovely People” comes in, ethereal and piano-heavy in its presentation, before the percussion strikes. It’s a striking song, something we can imagine blaring from the car stereo as the leaves change color.

The rest of the album continues in much the same vein, stunning your ears with intricate details you never would have thought could fit together in a song. It’s enthralling, this journey that Sleeping Lessons has chosen to take us on, and we can see where their genre blending could land them in several different categories. Our personal favorite? “1995”. And that could completely be because of the nostalgia presented by the track, but it’s such a great song with the most notable guitar chords.

We can’t quite pinpoint their sound, no two songs are the same, and the entire album holds this unique and fun vibe to it. We imagine you could play it at a party and people would think your playlist was on shuffle with a couple of different bands, which certainly speaks to their creativity.

Tour Dates
October 8th // Bainbridge Island, WA // Spacecraft
October 14th // Seattle, WA // Chop Suey
October 15th // Tacoma, WA // Real Art
October 16th // Portland, OR // Kelly’s Olympian
October 20th // San Francisco, CA // The Knockout
October 23rd // Los Angeles, CA // Resident
October 25th // Phoenix, AZ // Lost Leaf
October 31st // Seattle, WA // The Sunset

Red Sprites is out October 14th. The band will be hosting a “slumber party” album release dance party on that day at Chop Suey. RSVP here. Keep up with the guys here.