Smith & Thell, Soulprints

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

After two and a half years of conjuring up thoughts and situations and lyrics and notes to go right along with, Swedish folk pop duo Smith & Thell has released their heartfelt stunner of a debut album, Soulprints. From the very first notes of “Statue (The Pills Song)”, to the very last lines of the title track, which sits snuggly at #12, this album is packed with sugary sweet folk vocals and instrumentals with so much zest and feel that you get completely enveloped in the sound. They take perfectionism to a new level in this album, with glittering sound effects and beautiful choir backings. Our favorites are “Under the Moon”, “Somebody Like You”, and “Boiling Point”, but don’t let us be the deciding factor. Give Soulprints a spin for yourself!

Soulprints is available now.