Sneeze, “Canker”

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Would it be too much to ask for you to stop everything you're doing and listen to this Sneeze album? It's taken a lot for me to not consistently miswrite and say Squeeze, so if I promise to double-check this post after I publish it, will you just listen the whole way through? In one of those beautiful moments of reading and listening to all the music I get sent a day, I made the decision to put on this record—maybe it was because it's put out by Midnight Werewolf Records in Boston and I know Boston is the jam right now, or maybe it's because the record is called I'm Going to Kill Myself. It doesn't matter because once I put it on, I was instantly sold. It's grungy, it's nineties, it has that verbose squawking and talk-singing you find in bands like Meneguar and it is straight-up smart, expressive, and even a little noodly at parts. It was hard even to pick a song I liked the best. “Canker” shreds in a dense way and if you're into bands like Diarrhea Planet or JEFF The Brotherhood, you're going to like the way this looks.

Sneeze is releasing I'm Going To Kill Myself on 12″ and cassette through Midnight Werewolf Records. You can pick those up here and all hail the Boston resurgence.