Snuffaluffagus, “Epoch Calypso”

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In a world so diverse and varied, and with access to all of its wiles so readily at our fingertips, one would think there'd be more bands making music tinged by other cultures, sounds, and traditions. It is easier today to explore a hybridized sound than ever before. Snuffaluffagus, whose name derives from the imaginary mammoth-elephant of our childhood, has utilized a host of influences to forge their calming tones—on previous efforts, frontman and fulcrum Chris Braciszewski experimented with sounds present the world over. On this second single from their upcoming record, Port of the Galaxy, Snuffaluffagus has taken to a matched Caribbean-cum-Mediterranean sound that undulates and coos like a jazzy ocean, floating through waves of Tropicalia to a hint of calypso music itself. The clever play on words that defines the track is a coy put-on for a song that sounds like the exact opposite of the apocalypse.

The band is opening for Psychic Twin and Francis Cone tomorrow night, June 29. Their new record, Port of the Galaxy, can be picked up through Forged Artifacts here.