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Soft Riot

Soft Riot is an appropriate name for this London based musical act. Deeply ominous and fervently brooding, Soft Riot's new LP No Longer Stranger is an electronic tour de force. Jack Duckworth, former Vancouverite and mastermind behind Soft Riot, is no rookie when it comes to compelling electronic music. No Longer Stranger is being released through San Diego's Volar Records and is available for purchase on the Volar Records site.

No Longer Stranger is a pulsing electronic black hole filled with riveting synths and walloping drums and bass. It could be the soundtrack to a fine mugging in a dimly lit Eastern European brick alley with neon graffiti and rats galore or perhaps, a delicious maggot, worm, and blood feast with Corey Feldman and Jason Patric in a dreary cave surrounded by bleach blonde mullets and feather earrings. No Longer Stranger is a dark musical surge you can't afford to miss.