Mwahaha, “Das Space”

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Mwahaha's self-titled debut has been re-jetted by Plug Research with bonus cuts, and we bring you an exclusive listen to the autobahn driven, intergalactic routed electro-elocutions of “Das Space”. Offered as a vinyl only bonus track, the track on the surface is a trajectory on the audio arts of objects taking flight forward to galactic destinations. But upon a closer listen, the details that emerged along the way during flight, before flight and after flight arises the airborne aesthetic bound approach to musical apollo missions.

“Das Space” takes you far into the cosmos, like if all the elements of a techno pop track went AWOL, quit trying to perform along their predetermined playback and started talking back and forth to each other in a whole other musical tongue. Formerly of NED, Clipd Beaks' Ross Peacock with the Tilton brothers Nathan and Cyrus pump jet fuel into the turbines as the sequencing goes through the pragmatic and pre-arranged motions, conveying the serious emotions that a pilot, or astronaut has before readying their craft for the friendly skies, and higher atmospheres.

Flying in under 10 minutes time, the tarmac is the runway canvas for the bonus cut's electronic engine RPMs. As the galaxy aspiring jet motors warm up and whine through stages of rising pitch octaves, you listen as the take-off becomes the journey. The percussive patterns of sounds, synthetic rhythm blips, console-by-keyboard trickeries imagine Ross, Nathan, Cyrus and Eli Crews of New and Improved Studios in Oakland, CA mixing the track from their own space-age control room. The image of the pilot deck is where every beat, every affected key, and special effect, finds an assigned light, or an illuminated button, or perhaps a designated switch designed to set sails for the final frontiers. But space ain't the only place this dance cut goes, as Mwahaha takes the kraut electro-core down the central European freeways back to the days before the autobahn was a assigned a limit in kilometers.

Mwahaha's self-titled has been re-released by Plug Research, and is available now.