Sugar Boys, General Store / Back to Business

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Sugar Boys

Sugar Boys release a new cassette General Store / Back to Business with the Orlando/Montreal/NYC-based label Black Cheeks. The Montreal psych trio, featuring members of TOPS, Tonstartssbandht and Waupoos, have become living legends of sorts since forming in 2010, recording at sporadic jam sessions and performing live even more infrequently.

The latest release features six songs and 100 minutes of music recorded during various rehearsals between December 2010 and February 2012. Premised on a mind-bending time warp through a wormhole and back to the turn of the twentieth century, General Store / Back to Business is the band's debut release and a double-album all at once. It's a noisy mess of heavy distortion and ratting percussion with groovy guitar riffs layered over droning effects. With most songs /jammed-out recording takes / whatever easily surpassing fifteen minutes in length, the lack of vocals feels strikingly natural, appealing to the band's mystique and overall aesthetic of unadulterated psychedelia.


General Store / Back to Business is out now on Black Cheeks, listen to the first track off the cassette below.