DeltaFoxx, “Breakin' It Up All Right”

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Brazil's DeltaFoxx premieres the A-side of their new single, “Breakin' It Up All Right”, b/w “Time” that bridges jazzed up guitar electrics and an array of snazzy keyboards. Performed, recorded, mixed and produced by Fabio Popinigis and Quizzik at the Family Jewels Studio and mastered by Michael Fossenkemper at TurtleTone Studio in NYC, the two drop the coolest, self-assured break-up confidence heard anywhere. This single follows up their recent self-titled EP, where Brasília rock and roller and Indiecent Music operator Popinigis and Red Bull Music Academy IDM hero Quizzik display the pop places where their respective divergent approaches and talents intersect between the guitar and keyboard communicated continuums. Having remixed contemporaries Killtronik, Phoenix, and The xx; the duo sets the dials for everything we continue to love about the end of the century/millennium's offerings, sound styles and electrified trends.

Synthesizer fog machines opens up the track as more keys are introduced to the situation. Bringing back the neon lit setting tones, Quizzik's punctuated beeping chirps prove to be the perfect foil for Popinigis's shredding skronk. The skills exhibited between the two hinge on an understanding of the agreed upon arrangements where the contemporary electro synthetics dovetail in seamless fashions with vintage keys and the cadence of classic guitar bursts that know when to take a back seat to the single's high drama.

“I can't take it, I can't take it, you say you wanna stay with me but I don't like your attitude, I wanna prove, when I take a look deep in your eyes I can see all your lies my lady, oh dear lover, don't ask me to stay any minute longer, because I'm leaving tonight, I'm breaking it up all right”. This is the cue for the guitar, as if pulled from a record store's 80s vinyl bin from a time where amplified guitar was threatened with the new found discovered digital advancements and fads from back in the day. If their self-titled was an excercise in the musical dialogues of today, “Breakin' It Up All Right” is the next generation spawned from Popinigis and Quizzik's careful study of the Dire Straits' “Money for Nothing” playbook that indicated that era's cable transmissions of analogous 'cutting edge' media. Never mind the “I'm leaving tonight” cool handed dismal as the new freedom and independence provide pause for the unabashed “come on DeltaFoxx” personal plug refrain of self-endorsement as those alliterative key beeps guide your way out the door.

DeltaFoxx's single Breakin' It Up All Right is available now.