Sonic Antidote: Q&A with Ella M

Post Author: Myles Hunt

Rising R&B-pop artist talks Mark Twain, her musical evolution, coping with quarantine blues, & her vibrant new single “Take Yourself Home”

Despite these uneasy times, hope still resides within art across all mediums. As people seek an escape, even for just a moment, art is the gateway to this sense of calm. Music is one of many key mediums saving the day and the creators behind it are still strutting their stuff. Ella M, a British musician now residing in Los Angeles, is taking that spirit to heart with her latest track “Take Yourself Home”. Utilizing a meshing of pop, R&B and jazz, her music is fresh while holding roots in the past. She is a rare blessing during this strange moment in music. She gave fans an insight into how she has progressed as an artist and how she is currently making do with the global lockdown. 

How has this new track helped you evolve in your music creation?

I have always leaned towards writing for more Smooth-R&B tracks and I think I was definitely sitting within my comfort zone before writing this song. I had to switch from writing a track that soothed the listener to writing something that would motivate someone to go on a run, or dance…

What ambitious plans do you have coming up next?

I am so excited for the next steps in my music career. My YELLOW BLAZER EP is set to be released in July of this year and once this global epidemic blows over I have a lot of great shows booked. This may be too ambitious, but I hope to book a national tour with a bigger artist as an opening act in 2021.

How are you coping with COVID-19 as a musician and artist?

Mark Twain comes in handy in times of pandemonium when he said, “History doesn’t repeat itself but it often rhymes”. I know that it is all very scary and unknown at the moment, but I am hopeful life will continue as usual soon. In terms of my music, I think I’m coping pretty well as it doesn’t really affect my musical process that much; I prefer to write alone before collaborating anyway. I think once this is over, I should have a couple of fun ideas formed.

What hopes do you have for the world in 2020?

First and foremost, I need to release my entire YELLOW BLAZER EP on time. Secondly, I hope to continue collaborating with great music makers and artists. 

How can fans of the music world’s best assist artists during all of this in your opinion?

I think in general, a lot of freelancers in the arts are losing money and jobs very quickly, so if there is anything creative that you are incapable of doing yourself…reach out to an artist or freelancer and employ them for the job. 

Will you have a big bash after this is all over?

I think after this ends I will be diving deep into collaborations. I think these times make you realize how lucky you once were to have human interactions.

Give “Take Yourself Home” a spin below: