Soothsayer fills your Trekkie fantasy

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star trek map

When Gene Roddenberry wrote the infamous phrase, “To boldly go where no man has gone before,” not only did he kickstart a generation of nerds gleeful in their acceptance of their own pop culture, he was aptly describing a new wave of thought.

The work Steve Rosborough creates under the equally apt name of Soothsayer lies at the center of the Trekkie fantasy. The latest Soothsayer cassette, Inflow Illusion, is an extraterrestrial trip through uncharted cosmos.

All the pleasures and unknowns of our galaxy coalesce into Rosborough’s musical star gaze. Thanks to Rosborough’s tireless work and the Moon Glyph launching pad, maybe Soothsayer will put an end to the Gary Wrights of the world, so when our sun meets its bombastic end, our astral kin will be blasted off earth with a new hymnal for heavenly dream weaving.

Soothsayer, “V”