Spencer Krug's Moonface

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Spencer Krug is in three bands (Wolf Parade, Sunset Rubdown and Swan Lake) and sometimes he plays in Frog Eyes. You'd think the man hasn't the time nor energy for a solo project, but you'd be sorely mistaken.

Krug's solo is a departure from naming his records after 80's sci-fi films. Moonface is a medical condition of facial swelling. It's also a Jack London short story. Pick your preference as to Krug's intentions. The Moonface album, in digital format, is a free download with the option of donation. We made a small donation because we care, sorta – Tis the season and all.

While you're waiting on the download, ours took an hour (WTF), be sure to read Krug's diary of dreams dreamt. There's a great one that involves a 13 hour-a-week job breaking ukuleles in a shed, while young boys shoot a potato gun at him, but always miss. It really picks up when he sees a Hasidic Jew funeral.

Download Moonface's Dreamland EP: marimba and shit drums here.

The vinyl is out January 26 on Jagjaguwar.