Squill, “Scripted Lines”

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Lily Richeson is the singer of Parasol, a much-loved anarcho-pop band previously based in Boston. Their debut full-length, Not There, released late in 2013, is a classic album of driving pop-punk riffs and personal-political lyrics. Some are reflections on the realities of daily life in a cold Northeast city driven by colleges and capitalism; others deconstruct the absence and loneliness that comes with living in a transient place. With a new solo project, Squill, Richeson has embraced the latter sense of introspection. Her latest collection of songs, Daughters of the Earth, layers ambient sounds and intricately picked acoustic guitar with sweet-sung vocals, her voice switching between a feathery whisper and a punchier, muted punk infliction. At one point, on “Scripted Lines”, her spacious instrumentals give way to heavy riff and moody hook, an interesting mix of seemingly disparate influences. Stream it below. The songs will eventually be released on tape by Lost Sound Tapes, with artwork (above) by Meghan Minior.