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Whether you consider yourself a fan of this stuff — drag, witch house, or whatever other shit-head twitter trending topic genre they're calling this stuff this day of the week, you probably like at least a small portion of it. Obviously, I'm guilty as charged. What can I say? I started at Salem and went forward. I can't say I enjoy all of it… BUT, there are a few things I just can't avoid. Stalker is one of these things.

I first heard the mixtape he did, entitled 48 I believe… Something like that. I can't remember its true origin — I downloaded it from the Fader, whatever. At first, I was like, wtf, right? He'd taken music and just bent and warped it to a point you could, like legitimately barely recognize it. Being a huge fan of the Soulja Boy hit, “Pretty Boy Swag,” I just couldn't really make heads or tails of his remix, but it grew on me. I was like, “fuck it” in a good way.

THEN… I, like pretty much everyone else, downloaded that Lindsay Lohan-inspired mixtape thing curated by Robin of XXJFG and Tri Angle Records. I don't really know much about LiLo's music, and I don't really want to. I think the mix is ok, though I probably won't revisit all of the tracks that often. I liked the Oneohtrix Point Never and oOoOO tracks, of course, but it was the Stalker track that stood out the most.

I'm not even sure what he did to make this and I don't want to know. I just want to hear it every time I'm in a car after midnight. I just want to hear it every time I'm thinking about doing something unethical.

Stalker, “Disconnected (Disconnection)”