Yelawolf freestyle over Gucci's “Lemonade”

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It took a few months of enduring his nasally flow, but Yelawolf officially became an artist I check for each time his name passes by my browser. He's hit a stride as of late, perhaps its the beat selection, perhaps its the content of his verses and delivery, but the dude is killing every guest spot and freestyle drop he touches.

With Gucci locked up, Yela picks up the slack over the Bangladesh beat for “Lemonade.” He double-time chops his flow for the first minute and a half timing up his best lines for the pauses so it's heard that he's “feeling like a millionaire on minimum wage” and “my chevy is sick… earl / I let her play with mullet… while she sip syrup.” He then switches flows up to boast a champion style, giving his best reggae shouts without coming off as corny. Needless to say, for only being a freestyle this just has me amped even more to hear how he flips it on Trunk Muzik: 0-60.

Yelawolf, “Lemonade Freestyle”