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Caitlin Greene

LA duo Amoureux are debuting their first EP, Never Young As Tonight, today in advance of its release later this month. Bassist Holiday J and drummer Nicole Turley, both former dancers, comprise the pair and bring to it a mutual sense for the polyrhythmic, the earthen, and the deconstructed. Barring a few vocals, the whole thing was recorded in one take, lending both a roughness and a romance to its edges. Horns, post-punk bass jags, gypsy strings, and Chrissie Hynde-esque vocals amount to a pop elegance somewhere in between TEEN and Roxy Music. The second track of four, “Lost The Plot”, builds from a restrained core of bass and synths, a bit out of pace with the vocals and rest of the avant-rock ambiance; whereas the encouragingly titled last track, “Your 20s Are For Wasting”, pools in the anthemic drama of shouting, “C’mon and dance drunk!,” with soft keys off in the distance. We caught up with Holiday J about how things came together surrounding the EP. Check out the conversation below the embed.

How did you guys get together as a band?

Nicole and I have been endeared friends for many years. I recently moved back to LA from NYC and, given the amount of time we spent together, music became a natural progression. Nicole has a studio and we toyed around with some of my formerly written songs. Then, we just began to jam, and recorded it. Both being rhythm players, it felt most seductive. We then began to build songs off those initial jam recordings. But really, it starts with deep friendship and respect.

How did Never Young as Tonight take shape as a release?

In a very effortless, symbiotic way. We kept writing songs really off-the-cuff, having no attachment to who played what or what it sounded like. We just fostered a very safe creative environment and allowed ourselves to be raw and messy. Once we had a few songs, it felt right to put them out under a moniker that was representative of both of us.

What kind of inspiration went into the sounds and moods of “Lost The Plot”?

“Lost The Plot” was a song we decided was going to be sparse and just a few chords. We wanted to originally call it “PCH” because we thought of it as a summer song and the way it feels to drive down PCH, with that abandon and freedom. Much like all the other songs on this EP, it ended up being about my recent heartbreak.

New recording projects in the works?

We’re looking forward to putting out more records that have strong thematic currents, but mostly, we want it to feel really intrinsic and open. We both are always braided into creative endeavors. Nicole is constantly creative-writing and making music; as I am also always trying to make my indelible mark on the world through creation. Hope to see you there.

Never Young As Tonight comes out July 29 on Neurotic Yell Records.

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