Stream: Creative Adult's Bulls In The Yard EP

Blake Gillespie

Creative Adult

Not many bands can cram the quiet moments from Fugazi's The Argument EP against the menacing fists and riffs of hardcore and polish it off with a balanced dab of “Teenage Riot”-esque post-everything in the span of a 4-song EP. Creative Adult leave few knooks of “post-dom” un-explored on its Bulls In The Yard EP.

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When was the last time the North Bay got its due? What's even up there, some might ask? Creative Adult's EP proves some seriously proficient and noisey post-hardcore is coming back around. San Francisco has its psych rock scene. Oakland is either miming San Francisco's pysch, but grittier or out to be obnoxiously weird. It seems one has to explore the outskirts to get something with a hint of confrontation. It's been ages since a heavy noise wasn't attached to “dream” in the Bay Area, only to find a home on Slumberland. Creative Adult could be kinda pretty if it weren't for those aching, gruff vocals. And they are better for it, giving them the freedom to follow up “Bulls In The Yard” with the Fugazi-like “Consumes Itself”. Anyone who's listened to “Rushing Toward The Cemetary” made the same conclusive gesture towards the Sonic Youth classic, but Creative Adult have the benefit of not being as blasé as Thurston about it. Look past the comparisons and Creative Adult have a sincere anthem in their clutches.

Creative Adult's Bulls In The Yard EP is out May 14 on Run For Cover.

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