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Creative Adult Ring Around the Room

NorCal punks Creative Adult are streaming their new Ring Around the Room EP and it showcases the band at their best, or alternatively, doing their worst. An opening wash of guitars descends into a pummeling wave of sound that very rarely relents for the next thirteen minutes; the songs fit well together, with an overall trajectory that has Ring Around The Room starting loud and ending louder. There is nuance to Creative Adults’ sonic assault, much of which comes to light in the fringe surf number “Travel”, in which drums slap into guitar lines with nearly reckless abandon until they both dissolve into a fine feedbacky mist. “Travel” is one of three substantial tracks on the EP; the other two, “Ring Around The Room” and “Most Our Troubles Go Untreated” (first and third respectively) have a far more unrelenting momentum and showcase their version of almost-shoegaze to a meticulous degree. Ring Around The Room leaves little to be desired (except perhaps more).

Ring Around the Room will be released April 18 via Run For Cover Records. You can stream it below.