Al Rogers Jr., “BlueGreen”

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Al Rogers Blue Green

Tis the season to bliss out after months of soul-crushing winter, to crawl out of your takeout container-littered cave and relearn things like how to exist in a body and how to talk to other humans IRL. Al Rogers Jr., a Baltimore artist working under the name BABYAL, has got just the song for that. “BlueGreen” is a posi R&B/soul influenced pop jam with a “Down On My Luck”-esque house beat. The official genre tag, according to Rogers, is “Swooz-Pop,” with “swooz” being a mantra that “could mean enlightenment, love, positivity, individuality, creation, empathy, and so much more,” as filtered through Baltimore life. Spring has historically driven people to do crazy things, such as overuse the baby bird emoji, listen to Lupe Fiasco, and get misty-eyed about grass fighting its way up through the asphalt cracks. Go with it—we’ve earned a moment of earnest enthusiasm, it’s time to take it easy, like stuff, live swoozy.