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The instant that Darto’s Hex begins, it becomes clear that it won’t be a light listen. By any means. Hailing from Seattle, Washington, the noisy trio aren’t shy in providing a cathartic attack on all your senses. Hex is a physical record, and not for the weak of heart or ear.

Darto’s newest EP follows In Difference, a noisy ode to post-genre punk and rock. With Hex, Darto find themselves coming into their own, refining their sound into a more punk influenced barrage. “Duvall Days”, the album’s opener, maintains a noisy deluge that’s repeated ad nauseum, organically mimicking the banal repetitious nature of trying to exist day to day. It feels similar to Shellac—vocals muffled underneath the noise of the guitars and drums, repetition until your skull splits. “Catatonic” sounds like an outtake from Slint’s Spiderland sessions (or maybe it’s Darto’s homage to Touch & Go Records), reimagined through the lens of retrospect. The Slint influence is cross-pollinated with no-wave on the album’s next track, “Boiler”. And after all that noise, the album’s closer, “Warrening”, ends on a glitchy soft note.

Even though Hex is only four tracks, it’s a lot to digest. It’s not the most palatable record, but it’s a rewarding listen, especially if you have enough room to flail your arms all around.

Hex is out on July 1 via Mother Image Records.

Darto is on tour in August and September:

16 Missoula, MT – Total Fest w/ Wolf Eyes, Ed Schrader’s Music Beat, Criminal Code
17 Portland, OR – The Darkplace w/ Your Rival, Drowse
18 Reno, NV – Clark Manor w/ City Wolves
19 Oakland, CA – 1234 Go w/ Wild Moth, Balms
20 Pasadena, CA – Industrial Estate w/ Nasa Space Universe, Coward, Select Sex, Other Jesus
21 Tempe, AZ – Palo Verde Lounge w/ Memorymannn, Mickey and The Mountains, Lonely Star Dweller
22 Denton, TX – Mac Island w/ Black James Franco, Tornup, Bertog
23 Norman, OK – Dope Chapel w/ American Hate, Antipatterns, Shishio
24 Memphis, TN – Crosstown Arts w/ Neev, Seraphim, 96Bulls
25 Atlanta, GA – Mammal Gallery w/ Red sea, Crater
26 Richmond, VA – Cedar House
27 Philadelphia, PA – Kung Fu Necktie
28 New Haven, CT – Osborn House w/ Spit-Take
29 Belchertown, MA – house show w/ Psychic Blood
30 Providence, RI (help?)
31 Brooklyn, NY – Death By Audio w/ Weed Hounds


01 Washington DC (help?)
02 Chicago, IL – Saki Records (early show 5pm)
02 Chicago, IL – Fireside Bowl w/ Cloakroom, Carbon Leak, Lume
03 Minneapolis, MN – Shit Biscuit w/ Animal Lover, Miami Dolphins, mute swan
04 Milwaukee, WI – Borg Ward w/ Carbon Leak, Gauss, Soul Low
05 Iowa City, IA – Public Space One w/ Nerv
06 Wichita, KA – ICT Fest w/ Stnnng, Animal Lover, Foul Tip, Dead Rider, Money Badger
07 Austin, TX – Cheer Ups w/ Sur, Mirror Travel, Moonsicles
08 Green Valley, AZ – Swimming at Grammies w/ Swim Trunks, Jock Itch
09 Tuscon, AZ – Museum of Contemporary Art w/ AZ77
10 Los Angeles, CA – The Smell w/ Dunes, Spokenest, Gun Outfit
11 San Francisco, CA – w/ Street Eaters, Pure Bliss
12 San Jose, CA – C2SV Fest w/ Dinners
19 Seattle, WA – Cairo (welcome home Twin Peaks themed show) w/ Haunted Horses, Elch