Heeney, “In the Mind”

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Despite their innocuous and dainty name, Heeney doesn’t make the sort of music you put on while you organize your Furbies. Named after Sean Heaney, one of the founders of the Brooklyn D.I.Y. venue Shea Stadium, the outfit makes garage punk in the dirtiest, loudest, and most fun sense. “In the Mind”, Heeney’s newest track, finds influence in '90s alternative rock, but it does so in a re-imaginative way, updating the sound for today’s guitar centric underground scene.

Even though “In the Mind” is a mere 82-seconds long, the track makes use of bouncy guitar, loud-quiet-loud rebounds, and shout vocals that express angst more so than anger. It’s an insanely fun song, the sort of music you’d want to soundtrack your bouts of thrashing in an affably unclean basement.

According to Brooklyn Vegan, Heeney is planning an album for release later this year. But in the meantime, “In the Mind” will more than do.