Stream DJ/Producer Pat Lok’s My Own Throne EP

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DJ/Producer Pat Lok has been steadily ascending since his 2011 “” and ””tracks shot him into the consciousness of the house scene. The Vancouver-based sound architect has been playing clubs throughout the world, gaining acclaim for his skillful remixes and soulful augmentations to the traditional house sound.

His work has been featured in a Victoria’s Secret campaign, and he recently signed with French label Maison Kitsune. Riding that wave of achievement, Lok has released his “My Own Throne” EP on Friday. The three song EP is his first track with the legendary label.

The project is named after his “My Own Throne” jam, an enthralling house number featuring Claire Mortifee’s soulful vocals. Also on the EP is a subdued “My Own Throne” Young Franco remix, in which the Australian producer swaps out the original track’s vibrant synths for a warm, organ—though it’s just as danceable.

Let Me Show You In” is a mysterious, pulsating finale composed of entrancing synths and majestic vocal samples.

You can stream the EP below.