Stream: G-Side's Gz II Godz

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The G-Side break up was a heavy blow to the Huntsville movement spearheaded by the generals of Slow Motion Sounds, but it was a short-lived departure. With St 2 Lettaz and Yung Clova reunited over Block Beattaz production, Gz II Godz erases history as G-Side fall back into their old ways without a hint of conflict.

Presented as a digital movie on Youtube, Gz II Godz opens with St 2 Lettaz putting the call out like he's sending out a modern day Paul Revere to spread the word of the return on “G-Side Back”. Block Beattaz intertangle “G-Side Back” into “Statue” with warped, rhythmic alien vocals that deteriorate into hyper-tensive horror flick samples over 808s. Throughout the record, samples of Huey P. Newton speeches and visuals of Black Panthers are utilized as militant propaganda depicting G-Side as a movement once again. Gz II Godz features guest appearances by Slow Motion Sounds crew mates like Kristmas, Grilly, G Mane, Mic Strange, and Joi Tiffany.