Stream: Glenn Jackson, Morning Swim EP

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Glenn Jackson is a man behind many projects, entities, and concepts. From recent work with Benefits, Hoodcats, serving as one half of the mighty, mighty, James & Evander, starting the West in Dust imprint with Elephant & Castle, the Oakland centered blog Mapzzz, and working to bring together the Bay as a coalition of creative forces and talents. Jackson's work, influence and attitude is often found sung in the praises from San Francisco's Mission Neighborhood scenes, Emeryville warehouse dwellers to North Oakland and the world over, and we are proud to share his just released Morning Swim EP from Ceremony Recordings. Start your morning routine off right, goggles on, take the dive, make a splash and give this extended player some laps.

“Morning Swim” from the first splash throws you into the deep end of house grooves both historic, and dew sparkling new. The center key progression is structured like the wooden outdoor lobby where the mist from the sauna mingles into the winding key moves and club drum kicks. Propelled by a Baywatch sense of lifeguard heroics and urgency; “Save” is the salute to heroes with the most assuring and worry calming pat on the back with water wave synths and doses of chill beat therapy.

The trick is Jackson's multi-dimensional track developments that reward each listen with different responses, and perspectives on numerous listens. The closing track “You Too” demonstrates this with an introductory rising keyboard smoke blur and electric guitar loop that coast the sound together along an apex of a perfect parabola. Things come to a lull, illustrated by an organ sustain hum and synthesized idling twinkle effects before a whole new kind of dance party breaks out on the upper deck at about two and a half minutes in. With some new 'together forward' feeling marching drum beat, the guitar sample loops into the infities while the keys follow the dizzying, spiralling traces like accompanying fireflies.

Glenn Jackson's Morning Swim EP is available now from Ceremony Recordings.