Stream Impervious Machine’s self-titled debut

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The duo of Lt. Headtrip on vocals and producer Defpotec come together to form Impervious Machine, while still existing under the crewed-up classification of Karma Kids. The eponymous debut of Impervious Machine finds Defpotec calibrating his production to the chemical imbalance of Lt. Headtrip. The album never falters into the trappings of rap rock or rap metal, but the aggro- mentality mixed with a few boozy psychedelic depths gives the record a world that is devoted to itself and disinterested in cordial invitations.

Impervious Machine is aptly coined. Opener “Plug It In” is glitch matter that spazzes on the percussion and leaves Lt. Headtrip weeping in his lack of control, which foreshadows the contents within. Paranoia and terror inform Lt. Headtrip’s musings and it’s causing him to lash out in style that’s deadpan until he can’t hold back. Impervious Machine is psychosis trapped in the speakers and it’s aching to get further, but it’s a ghost best left in its shell.

The Impervious Machine album is available on Bandcamp, name your price.