Stream: Jack Davey, L0-F! Side B EP

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J*DaVeY frontwoman Jack Davey continues her solo indie scuzz project with the second installment of her L0-F! Side B EP. The project presents amped up grunge for 2013 that draws from the inspiration of indie rock rebels from the lost world recorded at her home studio in LA with the the help of her boy Joey Strat of the Knux.

“Like That” channels the Detroit scene of the Aughts with a chorus hook of demands, “just give me my freedom, my herb, my word”, and declarations, “cause we're the young and the brave, and we're only here to catch that wave”. “Get Up!” brings high energy to lift the spirits of those feeling “down, down, down” with a deadpan delivery that switches the decade up to the early 90s riot grrl power. “I tick like a time bomb, I'm feeling the breeze, I'm dotting my 'i's and I'm crossing my 't's, we are the lucky ones, we do as we please, we live and we learn man, we do it with ease…”

Next the infinite realm of possibilities are unleashed when Davey turns on the incredible dream machine known as “Whatever's Clever” built around tales what we imagine to be the misadventures of a misguided West Hollywood debutante. “She walks around the town as she's flipping her hair, her nose in the air, or maybe the mirror, and they treat her hella special but she just don't care, on a wing and a prayer, she just don't care, she's everywhere.” “Rebel Rebel Rebel” turns the occasion into a biker brawl ralley before the 'Queenbee status' asserting “Shit Gets Deep” closer. “You point the finger but you can't take the blame, you call the bluff but you can't take it the same.”

Both of Jack Davey's L0-F! Side A and Side B are available now with a deluxe edition of both EPs with three new songs plus a digital booklet dropping December 11.