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Serengeti, C.A.B. EP

From 2009-2011, Serengeti couch surfed in Berkeley, CA, posting up in Odd Nosdam's cottage studio known as Burnco. The album art for C.A.R., one of three records born of those sessions, properly displays Geti's life for two years. In addition to C.A.R., Geti recorded his Kenny Dennis EP, and today he released the remainder of the collection, a seven-song EP entitled C.A.B. produced entirely by Odd Nosdam with Jel on the cuts and a guest appearance by Dose One.

C.A.B. is not a collection of leftovers. It's a complete song cycle, bound to the C.A.R. sessions in the production nuances of bluesy samples, that borders on autobiographical, even though it's never been easy to ascertain the difference between Serengeti's fiction and waking life in song. He has a Raymond Carver-esque experience in “Find My Peace” that gives way to a more sinister ending relatable to Hemingway in Idaho, while “In Love With A Woman” is a train of thought poem exploring the hang-ups when one's heart is all aflutter. For all that's revealed on “In Love With A Woman”, it's offset by an oddball collaboration with Dose One on “Sprung” that looks for love in all the wrong places, for all the wrong reasons like “a smile like Skeletor” and “body like Bill Mahr” and “religion like Ron Hubbard”.

Purchase the C.A.B. EP at Anticon's Bandcamp and complete the set with C.A.R. and the Kenny Dennis EP at